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Personal Injury Compensation

To determine how much a personal injury case is worth, it must be reviewed by a qualified personal injury attorney. In many situations, a case evaluation by a qualified attorney provides a general idea of the potential monetary award range. Because most cases end up being settled outside of court, speaking to a personal injury attorney typically allows the injured victim to get a better understanding of the case strength and money to which they are entitled. However, some cases do go to jury, and those cases are dependent on the monetary award, if any, that the jury decides.

Damage Claims & Compensation

There are different types of damages that you may claim in a personal injury lawsuit that result in compensation, including:

  • Pain and suffering

    – Damages related to pain and suffering, which is defined as mental or physical distress, are evaluated based on injury type, severity of the injury and future medical issues associated with the injury. Emotional damages, such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, are also included in pain and suffering damages that can result from an injury.

  • Medical costs for injuries

    – Medical expenses incurred after an injury may be added to a damages claim, and ongoing or permanent medical issues may require assistance from a personal injury attorney and healthcare professionals to determine the likely costs. Note that if the injury resulted in death of the victim, the surviving family may file a claim for wrongful death.

  • Lost wages and earning capacity

    – An injury may result in lost wages due to temporary or permanent loss in the ability to work, and typically are evaluated as such:

    • Lost wages

      – Occurs during the period that you were unable to work due to the injury recovery process. It includes employer-paid compensation and may also expand to include additional financial benefits of employment, such as bonus and vacation days.

    • Lost earning capacity

      – Occurs if you sustain a long-term or permanent disability from the injury that impedes your ability to perform your job. Future earnings are calculated based on factors such as occupation, experience, age, skill and life expectancy.

  • Loss of consortium

    – A loss of consortium claim may occur if the victim of the car accident is killed or seriously injured and cannot provide their spouse or family members with the same love, affection, companionship or sexual relations that were provided before the accident.

  • Punitive damages

    – In some cases, there is the possibility to obtain punitive damages. Punitive damages are possible if the injury is considered malicious or deliberate, and they are meant to punish the responsible person by awarding additional compensation to the injured victim.

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