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Have you suffered any personal injury caused by an accident or negligence?

"Personal Injury" includes cases where one person suffers injuries, often serious, from an accident where others might be at fault. Being involved in an accident or crime that results in personal injury is a challenging ordeal. And trying to sort out all of the other aspects of the incident, such as medical care and costs, lost income and insurance claims can seem overwhelming. Get a Free consultation with a qualified personal injury lawyer and see if you have an injury claim and can be compensated for your injuries and loss.

Most common Personal Injuries Causes:

Vehicle Accident (car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian)
Slip & Fall Accidents
Construction Accidents (fall from scaffolding, ladders, etc)
Dog Bite Injuries
Work Accidents
Defective Products

If you or someone you love have been seriously injured by any of these common personal injury types, you should contact a local attorney for a Free consultation. Call 1-866-829-2169 to see if you have a personal injury claim.

Should I Contact a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Claim?

To help assess the need for a personal injury lawyer, see if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

If any of the above personal injuries or accidents resulted in death, please note that you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Incident

Pictures of the injury scene

 — Try to take pictures of the injury scene, including multiple angles of where the injury occurred and the cause. Additionally, take pictures of your related injuries.

Identify witnesses

 — If there are witnesses to the injury scene, make sure and get their names and contact information.

Seek immediate medical attention

 — If you suffered any kind of injuries, even if the extent of the injuries are not apparent, seek immediate medical attention. This helps identify any conditions, such as soft tissue injuries, that do not become symptomatic until sometime after the injury occurred. Additionally, it is helpful to have a doctor identify the injuries related to the incident.

Review your insurance coverage

 — Review any of your insurance policies, including homeowner and “umbrella” policies, to see if you have insurance covering the injuries you sustained.

Document conversations with the insurance company

 — When interacting with insurance company representatives, take down names, phone numbers and job titles of the people with which you speak. Also make note of call times, subject matter and important information during phone calls.

Document medical expenses

 — Make sure to document all of the medical expenses associated with the treatment and management of any injuries for reimbursement/compensation purposes. Expenses to document include medical bills, prescription costs and insurance co-pays.

Request medical records

 — Medical records provide a significant amount of information that may be important for a personal injury claim.

Contact a local personal injury lawyer

 — Personal injury claims vary significantly depending on the state and related laws. In order to understand your personal injury case specifically, it is best to speak to a local personal injury lawyer to go over your rights and possible outcomes.

Keep records of all accident-related items

 — After a personal injury occurs, it is important to document the accident or incident, injuries and other related conversations, paperwork and expenses. Maintaining records and keeping everything organized is useful for any claims or lawsuits that result.

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