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About Us - Injury HelpLine

Injury HelpLine TV commercial circa 1995

The Injury HelpLine,® launched in 1984, pioneered an important consumer right-to-know service for personal injury and legal representation. The Injury HelpLine® service, which promotes consumers’ legal rights and provides easy access to local personal injury attorneys, initially began through TV commercials and print ads. The service was an instant success as it provided a fast, convenient and free way for people to connect with local attorneys to discuss their legal rights and options after sustaining a personal injury.

Today, the Injury HelpLine® continues to provide its award winning service through traditional means, and has also expanded its presence onto the web and mobile devices. As a market leader, the Injury HelpLine® now offers more ways than ever to learn about your legal rights after an injury or accident, and to connect with local personal injury attorneys, including our web and mobile submission forms and a 24/7 call concierge center. Additionally, the Injury HelpLine® understands the importance of privacy and security, and we NEVER sell or rent your information. Learn more about how the Injury HelpLine® works.

Our service reaches across all devices

Since its inception, the Injury HelpLine® has connected nearly 4 million people with local attorneys for their personal injury needs. If you need legal representation or have questions about a potential claim, find out why millions of people use the Injury HelpLine® to get the help they need.

Hear from people we've helped

"I was really happy with the lawyer's answer I received. It was really helpful. Especially to find out where I stand, relating to my injury. Thank you."
- Visitor from Mississippi

"I was on the internet over the weekend, and I still received a call on Sunday to let me know someone would call me on Monday about my injury. That made me feel important."
- Visitor from Illinois

"I received a call promptly from someone on Christmas Eve which I thought was very fast because of the impending holiday."
- Visitor from Colorado

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"I was in need of some legal advice, I was called right away and am getting help as we speak. This is the best site I have ever visited and I'm going to tell everybody about it."
- Visitor from Illinois

"The reason why I am so happy I used the Injury HelpLine is because I was not left hanging wondering if anybody was going to call me back. Someone returned my call immediately and that made me feel good. So thank you for calling me so quickly."
- Visitor from California

"The lawyer took the time to talk with me, answered questions and gave what I think was good advice. Everyone I talked to was real nice. Thanks."
- Visitor from Indiana

"I got an answer even before I was off the website!"
- Visitor from Maine

"I was impressed by the quick response. I no sooner signed off of the net when my phone rang and it was someone from your service. Thank You!"
- Visitor from California